International students

Depending on the origin of prospective students, information pertaining to procedures for enrolling in the University of Bari holding a degree earned abroad are available for each type of course of study.

Find out who are international students and choose your category as international student.

NEW. Non-EU prospective students living abroad shall apply for a permit for study-related reasons (Academic Year 2022/2023) via Universitaly portal only: Please refer to the dedicated web page providing detailed guidelines

Open admission courses: pre-enrolment stage started on March 14, 2022 and will close on September 30, 2022

Capped courses: pre-enrolment is available until the registration deadline to admission tests (as indicated in each announcement).

Use the following link for enrolment deadlines and procedures for all categories of students:

Admission to undergraduate programmes and single-cycle master's degree programmes

Non-EU students living abroad

Non-EU students living in Italy holding a degree earned abroad

EU students living in Italy holding a degree earned abroad

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