Curricular and vocational internships

tirocini.jpgAlthough such internships involve opportunities to integrate one's theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to learn and enhance one's professional skills, they cannot be said to constitute a formal employment position.

This section contains information exclusively pertaining to Internships of a curricular and vocational nature.

For extracurricular internships (work placements) please consult the following section (on work orientation) "Orientamento al lavoro".


Curricular internships

This internship is designed for students who have to carry out a period of vocational training to acquire the credits required in the teaching program of the course.

  • Curricular internship of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery
  • Curricular internship of the Masters in Clinical Psychology

Vocational internships

Such an internship is recognised as allowing students to gain admission to state exams "Esami di Stato".

The following categories of student should refer to the above link:

  • Graduates on the ‘Old Regulations of post-graduate training’ (Vecchio Ordinamento)
  • Undergraduates and Graduates of the Bachelor Degree Course (509) and second degrees (509) for pre-and post-graduate internships
  • Graduates of the so-called Laurea Magistrale Degree Programme (270) for post-graduate training purposes

Recognised educational facilities for internships:
•    List of facilities providing vocational internships bandiera italiana.jpg
•    Application for stipulation of agreement between Organisation/Facility and the University of Bari, Aldo Moro bandiera italiana.jpg