Exceptions to the procedures of registration/matriculation and enrollment

Exceptions to the registration procedures

The following categories of aspiring students may not register online but should personally fill in and hand in the paper forms available from faculty student offices:

  • those coming from other Italian universities;
  • those wishing to have their credits recognized in the light of agreements with public or private individuals/bodies;
  • those seeking a shortening of their course on by registering for a new degree (second degree) course.


Those who have made data entry errors (e.g.: address or CF) when completing the registration form online must submit a written request signed on the appropriate form for editing and/or insertion of new data at their student office.

Students "not studying full-time" (students enrolled on a part-time basis) may enroll on-line in the usual way (if allowed in the degree program chosen) but must specify how much tuition their part-time choice will entail on a paper form, to be handed in at their student office.


Exceptions to enrollment procedures

Those applying for re-registration after years of non-enrollment may not enroll online on our website but must apply for registration on paper forms available at faculty student offices.
Students of Foreign Languages and Literature for whom the choice of curriculum or foreign language is mandatory must hand in a paper form indicating this choice (in addition to enrolling on-line).


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