Plasma Solution S.r.l.
PLASMA SOLUTION, the first spin off company of the University of Bari, was founded in 2004 by Riccardo d’Agostino, Francesco Fracassi and Pietro Favia, faculty of the department of Chemistry UNIBE. Thancks to comprehensive Know How of the founders of research in the field of plasma chemistry,
PLASMA SOLUTION optimizes and adapts to the needs of business processes via cold plasma surface modification of materials. Plasma Solution Follows the scale-up processes from laboratory research Plasmochimici company through the construction of reactors plasmochimici small, medium and large size, specially designed according to the economic, research and industrial customers.
Product information, requests for bids request catalogs.
Plasma Solution srl
Dipartimento di Chimica
Via Orabona, 4
70126 Bari
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LEnviroS  S.r.l.

LEnviroS Srl is a spin-off company founded in 2005 with the intent to transfer to the territory the experience acquired in the academic field of environmental disciplines. The company provides services and technical and scientific advices to private companies and public authorities that want to develop 'sustainable' services/products. The company is formed by a team of young graduates who have developed a high level of expertise through a continuous path of continuous training and intense scientific activities. The company uses the results of the research, designs, develops and manages sustainable and innovative solutions. The high scientific content of its services (air quality, environmental monitoring, atmospheric emissions, olfactometry, REACh, etc.) proves to be a significant added value as it allows to propose the most advanced technological solutions.

LEnviroS s.r.l.
Spin-off del Dipartimento di Chimica
Via Orabona, 4 - 70126 Bari
Via Piazza, 15 – 70056 Molfetta (BA)
Tel&Fax: 0039  080 3971186

Software Engineering Research and Practices s.r.l, founded in December 2006, is a spin-off of Università degli Studi di Bari, and start its activity in January 2007. SER&Practices resources’s core cames from SERLab, a research group of Dipartimento di Informatica in Università degli Studi di Bari, formed by researcher and consultant than from lately ’80es works on Software Engineering. Ser & Practices has many collaboration with small and big enterprise working in Puglia and outside Italy.

The main operatives contexts are: Software Development Process, based on Product Line and Component Based through the integration and customization of commercial or Open Source packages and Web Services; Software Maintenance (ordinary and extraordinary) Process combining different approaches: quick fix, iterative enhancement, re-engineering, reverse engineering; Information Integration of structured and unstructured data from heterogeneous sources;Knowledge and Experience Base;Modelling, Automation and Monitoring of Business Process;Models and tools supporting the quality management of products and processes;Empirical Software Engineering focused on Technological Innovation Process, Designing and Monitoring of Experiments.

Services: Advice, Services and products development, Life-long learning

Via Orabona, 4
70126 BARI - Italy
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Advanced Research and Characterization of Ornamental and GEmmological   Materials – ARCOGEM S.r.l.


Core business of ARCOGEM srl Advanced Reaserch and Characterization of Ornamental and GEmmological Materials” is the diagnostic and certification of stone and gemological materials, either natural or artificial.

ARCOGEM srl, the only spin off of its kind in Italy for competence and advanced instrumentation, delivers to public and private parties the results and experience that the partners gained in the Earth Sciences Dept. on geomaterials in the gemological, minero-petrographic, archeometric, geological and geo-environmental sectors.

True battle horse and jewel of this spin off is its Mobile Laboratory enabling it to conduct technical chemical physical and compositional analyses in directly on site either in polluted areas and on works of art in Museums.

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e Geoambientali
Via E.Orabona, 4 - 70125 BARI
++39 080 5442585

"The objective of the society is to furnish consultancy and technical support to public and private bodies in order to promote results of research activities and development of new products and services in Forestry settlement, Ecologic and sustainable Planning of the territory and Vegetation Restoration, at the aim to give a real answer to the needs of the territory, due to the acquisition at global and local level, of an important awareness about problems of safeguard and qualification of biodiversity and about the sustainable management of environmental resources."

Dipartimento di Scienze Agro-Ambientali e Territoriali
Via G. Amendola, 165/A 70126 Bari
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06 233239916 (fax)
SYNCHIMIA has a special and wide background for the production of organic and organometallic compounds, of inorganic nanomaterials with application in strategic areas such as photonics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, foods and agro-chemicals. Topics of special interest are represented by the search for new processes and synthesis of new materials from milligrams to kilogram.
SYNCHIMIA also offers consulting activities directed to national and international companies involved in the synthesis or use of organic and inorganic materials for different applications. Chemical and physical characterisation of molecular and polymeric materials is also performed.
Dipartimento di Chimica
Via E. Orabona, 4 I - 70125 Bari
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++39 080 5442076 (fax)

Geoprosys srl, a spin-off of the University of Bari, offers innovative products and services in the framework of geophysics applied to land study. The technical and scientific skills gained during the research experience  are realized by offering suitable subsurface investigation strategies (identification of geological structures, buried artifacts, fluids) and customized solutions (engineering field and  environmental protection) to public and private customers. 

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e Geoambientali
Via Orabona, 4
70021 Bari

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Progesit S.r.l., Spin Off Company of the University of Bari, is a service structure for advanced  analysis and sustainable planning of the territory. It offers its activity to public administrations, research institutes, companies and individuals, national and international, operating in the fields of land planning and environmental assessment.

Main activities are related to the implementation of technological, professional and scientific services for  analysis of the agro-forest territory; processing and drafting territorial plans; technical and environmental evaluations of projects and plans; of feasibility studies preparation and projects implementation; design of greenways; recovery and reuse projects of “masserie” (old farm).

Dipartimento PROGESA
Via Orabona, 4 - 70125 BARI
++39 080 5442962
The Environmental Surveys S.r.l. (En.Su.) has the capacity to deal with any study, including the EIS (Environmental Impact Study), the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) which has as its purpose the knowledge of the environment and the territory through the surveys, monitoring and processing of environmental parameters, both abiotic (topography, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, hydrogeology, soil science, weather and meteo-marine), both biotic (biology, zoology, botany) and those physicists and chemists.
These investigations aimed at understanding, management, planning and evaluation of the environment and the land, may be conducted in either environment emerged both in underwater environment (sea, lake or lagoon) through the different methods of measuring direct and indirect.
The company, with the aid of instruments such as DGPS, Terrestrial Laser Scanner, tools geoelectric and seismic surveys carried: - Environmental; - Topography; - Geological Surveys; - Geomorphological; - Engineering; - Architectural;
- Archaeological; - Bathymetric.

The ensu through its equipment and scientific expertise of its partners, is able to perform accurate monitoring in: - Continental Environment: Stability of slopes; - Coastal Environment: Evaluating the Impact of Extreme wave on the Coastal Zone; - Coastal Dynamics: Dynamics of the shore line, the dynamics of the cliffs, surveys direct and indirect divers; - Karst Dynamics: subsidence, collapse, dynamics of groundwater;
En.Su. draw:
- Geological maps; - Geomorphological maps;
- Thematic maps; - Cards of the hazard; - Cards of vulnerability; - Cards of risk.
Environmental Surveys
Via della Croce, 156 – 74123 TARANTO
Tel: ++39 0994764788
Fax: ++39 0997392598
Via Alcide de Gasperi – 74123 TARANTO c/o Laboratorio “LaGAT-TA”
II Facoltà di Scienze MM.FF.NN - Università degli Studi di Bari “ALDO MORO”
Tel: 0994722395
Part. IVA: 02793770732

BIOFORDRUG is a spin-off born from the research activity conducted by an academic team which developed a know-How in the synthesis and development of medicinal chemistry compounds, their biological evaluation and chemicophysical parameters determination.
BIOFORDRUG is involved in an European network with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine in Amsterdam and with important pharmaceutical companies.
Via Orabona, 4 - 70125 BARI
++39 080 5442727
++39 080 5442231
La società ha ad oggetto un’attività di consulenza statistica rivolta all’offerta di consulenza e di servizi avanzati nel campo del Data Mining e dell’Estrazione di Conoscenza in Basi di Dati.
Nasce dall’idea di poter offrire, in un mercato in continuo movimento, una consulenza mirata per la progettazione e gestione di interventi a sostegno delle organizzazioni, personalizzando ogni servizio alle esigenze del consumer, al fine di ottenere la massima aderenza tra domanda e offerta.
Data Quality
Via C. Rosalba, 53
70124 Bari
++39 080 5049209
La Società Al.T.A.I.R. s.r.l. è rivolta alla gestione e applicazione dei più aggiornati metodi di ricerca archeologica e delle più avvertite tecniche di comunicazione finalizzate alla valorizzazione e alla fruizione del patrimonio culturale. Il gruppo si configura come soggetto con competenze specifiche e interdisciplinari acquisite in ambito universitario, a seguito di corsi altamente qualificanti e di esperienze professionali, che consentono un approccio globale alle problematiche connesse con i Beni Culturali. 
Viale Caduti di Nassiriya, 39
70124 Bari
++39 080 9904483
++39 080 5662904(fax)

D.A.BI.MUS. S.r.l. – Digitalizzazione di Archivi, BIblioteche e MUSei – Ricerca e soluzioni innovative per i beni culturali  is a Spin Off company of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” working in the field of highly innovative ICTs, applying to different cultural heritage categories, with a high level of professional know-how in planning, implementation, management and development of advanced digital systems, multimedia 3D, virtual restoration, tourist development and promotion of cultural heritage.

Business of the Company
- advanced digital services and ICT for cultural heritage;
- production and sale of innovative software and systems for the digital 2D and 3D digitization and use of cultural heritage.

The technology core business is the ICRPad suite for digital recognition.

The ICRPad suite includes the following functions:

-ICRPad Base and ICRPad Plus: intelligent digital recognition of characters, words, images, for research by DBASE of ancient documents; output in full text of digital and electronic products with a high percentage of correctness;

-ICRPad M-Evo: within digital DBASE, matching of calligraphy, symbols, miniatures to understand if same hand has operated on different documents, giving real-time homographic documents each other.

D.A.BI.MUS S.r.l.

Digitalizzazione di Archivi, Biblioteche e Musei
Via Quintino Sella 268
70123  Bari

Email: info@dabimus.com

Web Page: www.dabimus.com

Tel.:         0805714712
Mobile:    3468260291
Fax:         0805714712- 0805714717


Part. IVA:   07078270720

The Spin-off aims to develop new services directed at identifying and developing properly territorial resources and their specificity, opening to the outside in order to establish international relationships.
The offered services are mainly intended to support business in the tourism industry, in making strategic decisions regarding placing on the market and the service marketing.
Exiteam S.r.l.
Via Dario Lupo, 65 - 74121 Taranto
c/o Confindustria Taranto
++39 099 7345310
++39 099 377902

SINAGRI is a Spin Off of the University of Bari - Aldo Moro. SIGARI provides support for: evaluation of local development programs; protection and regeneration of agro-forestry landscape; water resource management; spatial planning for sustainable development; restoration and enhancement of natural biodiversity and agro-biodiversity; traceability of agro-food production.

Sinagri S.r.l.
Via G. Amendola 165/A - 70126 Bari
++39 080 5442899
++39 347 1911482

Wel.Co.Me. (Welfare, Community, Methods of research and evaluation) plans and carries on  evaluation research projects in order to support the implementation of public and private services in welfare fields, as well as in those of education, vocational training and community development.

Wel.Co.Me. offers a wide range of services, such as: training about evaluation of programme and services; evaluation research projects tailored on specific programmes, services and organizations; school evaluation and self-evaluation evaluation of performances and competences; cost-benefits analysis; evaluation research on the social impact of technological innovations.

Wel.Co.Me. offers its services to both public and private organizations providing welfare services to families, children, adolescents, young people, disabled people, elderly and immigrants. Furthermore, Wel.Co.Me supports training agencies to perform counselling services for unemployed people, woman searching for work and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Welcome s.r.l.
Via Quintino Sella, 268 
70121 Bari
++39 080 5714726
++39 3476975533 (mobile)
La società offre professionalità e competenze al servizio delle imprese del Mediterraneo. In particolare servizi di co-marketing tra Istituzioni, imprese e territori, con l’obiettivo di potenziare la competitività per lo sviluppo e l’internazionalizzazione delle imprese, l’innovazione, la gestione della sicurezza e della qualità degli alimenti e la promozione dell’alimentazione mediterranea.

FIND S.r.l. is a Spin off company of the University of Bari, recently founded by professor Centoducati and dr Zacchino, in collaboration with a 30 years experienced technical team.

The company serves the aquaculture industry with integrated solutions, and implements projects that are focused on achieving production efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture following the most recent EU legislations, best practice guidelines and traceability.

Current services range from a complete in-house service for the fish farmer, from initial advice and consultancy, through to the design, fabrication, and installation of fish farming system equipment, to specific technical and market support programs for companies in the aquatic food supply chain. Furthermore, we offer training for the staff, to improve farm management and business. Our target audience span the European and non-European countries, government and non-governmental organizations, national and international research centres and industry

Browser S.r.l.