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Conference programme


Thursday, October 4th


Welcome Address: Antonio Felice Uricchio (Rector, University of Bari)
Francesco Cappelli (president, Association of American Studies Center)


Keynote speaker - David B. Audretsch (Indiana University): Entrepreneurship Policies and Economic Development: The Role of Culture


Coffee break


Session 1A - Economic and Social Sources of Entrepreneurship  

Chair: David B. Audretsch


Session 1B - Small Business and Economic Development

Chair: Alessandro Sapio

Historical roots of regional entrepreneurship: the role of knowledge and creativity.  Alfredo Del Monte and Luca Pennacchio

Discussant: Catia Cialani


Knowledge transfer and performance in small and medium size family hotels. Francesco Maria Barbini, Patrizia Battilani and Marco Savioli

Discussant: Iacopo Grassi

Business groups, institutions and firms growth. Giulio Cainelli, Roberto Ganau and Anna Giunta

Discussant: Luca Pennacchio

The Legality Rating as a new public instrument against illegality: An empirical investigation. Maria Rosaria Alfano, Anna Laura Baraldi and Claudia Cantabene

Discussant: Marco Savioli

Family Firms and Entrepreneurial Human Capital in the Process of Development.Maria Rosaria Carillo, Vincenzo Lombardo and Alberto Zazzaro

Discussant: Giulio Cainelli

The impact of acquisitions on growth of European high-tech entrepreneurial firms. Patricia Kotnik, Anže Burger and Erdem Sakinc

Discussant: Claudia Cantabene

An empirical study on SMEs across Europe. Asa Grek, Catia Cialani and Carin Nordstrom

Discussant: Concetta Castiglione


R&D cooperation and choice of partner, in high and low tech industries. Evidence from Italian firms. Claudia Cantabene and Iacopo Grassi

Discussant: Marialuisa Divella




Keynote speaker - Bronwyn H. Hall (Berkeley University): Tax Policy for Innovation


Session 2A - Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Bronwyn H. Hall


Session 2B - Public Policy and Entrepreneurship 

Chair: Anna Giunta

Entrepreneurial team development and performance of Academic Spin-offs. Raffaele Fiorentino, Adele Parmentola and Alessandro Sapio

Discussant: Ornella Maietta

Does Cohesion Policy Promote Innovation? Marco Percoco

Discussant: Mara Giua

Sources and Determinants of Responsible Innovations: Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection.  Marialuisa Divella and Alessandro Sterlacchini

Discussant: Martin Falk

Investment subsidies effectiveness: evidence from a regional program.  Simone Chinetti

Discussant: Federica Bertamino

First, second and third tier universities: academic excellence, local knowledge spillovers and innovation in Europe. Cristian Barra, Ornella Maietta and Roberto Zotti

Discussant: Patricia Kotnik

Do public funds increase the efficiency of the Italian theatrical firms? A parametric and a non parametric approach.  Concetta Castiglione, Davide Infante and Marta Zieba

Discussant: Simone Chinetti


Coffee break


Session 2A - Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Maria Rosaria Carillo


Session 2B - Public Policy and Entrepreneurship 

Chair: Gianfranco Viesti

R&D knowledge spillovers and employment through entrepreneurship. Nicolò Barbieri and Ugo Rizzo

Discussant: Marco Sanfilippo

Machine Learning in the Service of Policy Targeting: The Case of Public Credit Guarantees. Monica Andini, Michela Boldrini, Emanuele Ciani, Guido De Blasio, Alessio D'Ignazio and Andrea Paladini

Discussant: Marco Percoco

The Competition for Innovation Funding: How Government R&D Grants are Allocated in the Business Sector.  Martin Falk and Roger Svensson

Discussant: Ugo Rizzo

Cohesion Policy Incentives for Collaborative Industrial Research. The Evaluation of a Smart Specialisation Forerunner Programme. Riccardo Crescenzi, Guido De Blasio and Mara Giua

Discussant: Michela Boldrini

The effect of imperfect patent protection on licensing.  Carlo Capuano and Iacopo Grassi

Discussant: Anze Burger


Supporting innovative entrepreneurial initiatives: insights from an explorative analysis on policy intervention. Federica Bertamino, Alessandro De Iudicibus and Marco De Maggio

Discussant: Michele Capriati





Friday, October 5th




Keynote speaker - Luca Grilli (Politecnico Milano University): Institutions, Institutional Change and Innovative Entrepreneurship


Session 3A - Finance and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Luca Grilli


 Session 3B - Institutions and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Alfredo Del Monte

How Important is internally Generated Capital for SME's Survival? Asa Grek, Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Fredrik Hartwig and Niklas Rudholm

Discussant: Ivano Dileo

Knowledge democracy and sustainable growth. The contrasting cases of China and Italy. Francesco Grillo and Raffaella Nanetti

Discussant: Alfredo Del Monte

R&D Subsidies and SMEs’ indebtedness. Andrea Bellucci, Luca Pennacchio and Alberto Zazzaro

Discussant: Mattia Guerini

Markups Dispersion and Firm Entry: Evidence from Ethiopia. Kaku Attah Damoah, Giorgia Giovannetti and Marco Sanfilippo

Discussant: Francesco Castellaneta


Coffee break


Be patient enough to wait what you deserve: banks’ timehorizons, borrowing constraints and the evolution of industries. Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano, Jean-Luc Gaffard and Lionel Nesta

Discussant: David Heller

Drivers of Success in New Technology Based Firms: Evidence from Turkey.  Damla Turan   andAlp Eren Yurtseven

Discussant: Raffaella Nanetti

The Impact of Financial Resources on Corporate Inventions: Quasi-Natural Experimental Evidence from European Financial Integration.David Heller

Discussant: Asa Grek


The (Un)intended Consequences of Lowering Entry Barriers: Evidence from an Entry Deregulation Reform in Portugal.  Francesco Castellaneta, Raffaele Conti and Olenka Kacperczyk

Discussant: Damla Turan




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