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July 20, 1990: Degree in Agrarian Sciences - Top grades (110/110) cum laude Agrarian Faculty - University of Bari, Italy. March 2, 1993-2000: Researcher of Food Science and Technology at the Agrarian Faculty - University of Bari, Italy. 2001-2016: Associate professor of Food Science and Technology at the Agrarian Faculty - University of Bari, Italy. 2017-current: Full professor at the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences of University of Bari, Italy.

Author of over 210 publications published on referenced international journals present in Scopus database, for which 3114 total citations were obtained, with a with an average of citations equal to 14.7 per publication and a “h” index equal to 30.

Scopus link:


Principal investigator of the following research projects:

  • “S.O.S. – Sustainability of the Olive-oil System” financed by AGER, “Fondazioni in Rete per la Ricerca Agroalimentare”;
  • “Qu.Al.E.olio – Identification of the variables determining the formation of alkyl esters in quality olive oils for food safety and commercial valorisation of extra virgin olive oil from Apulia” financed by Regione Puglia nell’ambito di “Linee guida per la ricerca e la sperimentazione in agricoltura 2012-2014. Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di proposte di ricerca e sperimentazione in agricoltura indetto con Determinazione del Dirigente del Servizio Agricoltura n. 175/AGR del 15 aprile 2013”;
  • “GOOD-BY-WASTE. Obtain GOOD products – exploit BY-products – reduce WASTE”, financed by Programmi di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale 2017.


Responsible of scientific projects of relevant national interest:

  • “Lipid characterization and proteomic approach for the definition of the quality of traditional products of native pigs (COFIN-PRIN 2004);
  • “Identification and characterization of peptides and molecules of neoformation with biological activity in dairy products, according to the safety of use and health properties (COFIN-PRIN 2006);
  • “Long Life, High Sustainability” - "Shelf Life Extension as an indicator of sustainability". Combining the life extension of a food product determined by an innovation of formulation, process or packaging, with the variation of sustainability of the entire product life cycle (PRIN 2012);
  • “PROINNO_BIT – Development of innovative food products through biotechnological, plant and technological solutions” (MIUR, P.O.N. Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013, art. 13 - Decreto Direttoriale prot. N. 641/Ric. dell’8 ottobre 2012);
  • “Recovery of the Olive Germplasm from Apulia (Re.Ger.O.P.)”. Programma Sviluppo Rurale FEASR 2007-2013, Reg. (CE) 1698/2005, Asse II “Miglioramento dell’Ambiente e dello Spazio Rurale”, Misura 214 “Pagamenti Agroambientali”, “Azione 4 Sub azione a): Progetti integrati per la Biodiversità”;
  • “Evaluation of the quality of food vegetable oils as cover in fish preserves” (Project for young researcher financed by CNR).


Awards for the scientific activity

  • 2011: VQR (National Evaluation of Research Quality) 2004-2010: n. 2 (two) publications have been evaluated "excellent" and n. 1 (one) "good".
  • 2014: Achievement of National scientific qualification to full professor for SC 07/F1 - Food Science and Technology.
  • 2015: VQR (National Evaluation of Research Quality) 2011-2014: n. 1 (one) publication has been evaluated "excellent" and n. 1 (one) "high".
  • 2015: Grant from the Italian Ministry of the Research and University, according to the Law n. 240/2010 (art 29 c 19), for the years 2011 and 2013. This grant is awarded to professors having a scientific production higher than the median of professors of the same University in the three year-period before the attribution.
  • 2015: UNASA 2015 award for young researchers in Food Science and Technology, aimed at enhancing their passion for research. This grant was attributed to Dr. V.M. Paradiso for the article "Production and characterization of emulsion filled gels based on inulin and extra virgin olive oil. Food Hydrocolloids, 45, 30-40 (2015)", showing Prof. F. Caponio within the cohautors.
  • 2017: Peer reviewer for the evaluation of Quality of Research in Italy 2011-2014, on behalf of the National Agency of the Evaluation of the University System (ANVUR).


Invited speaker in many conferences having national and regional diffusion.

Referee of many international scientific journals.

Over the years he has held lessons in the field of Food Science and Technology, with particular reference to the subjects of Oil technology and of Unit operations of food technology.

Currently, he is Coordinator of the Bachelor and Master Degree in Food Science and Technology (L-26 and LM-70, respectively) at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (D.R. n. 3349 of October 11th, 2018) and President of GIUNTA for the academic years 2018-2021 (D.R. 862 of February 19th, 2019), as well as other Academic Commissions.

Moreover, 2018-current he is component of the Commission for the granting of National Scientific Qualification at the functions of full and associate academic professor for the competition sector 07/F1 - Food Science and Technology.

Moreover, he has been President of the Commission for the access to Tirocinio Formativo Attivo (TFA) course to A057 – Food Science teaching (D.R. 3480 of July 6th, 2012) and component of Commissions for: the selection of University Researcher; the confirmation of Associate Professors; Doctorate; the Committee of Area “15B “Food science and safety” in the framework of the academic process of evaluation of the university researches (period 2001-2003), and many academic boards of the Agrarian Faculty

He is a member of the PhD School in " Soil and Food Chemistry Sciences”. He is tutor of PhD students, and assists many students in the preparation and discussion of their final thesis for their University graduation.

He has been supervisor of international researchers during their research stay at the DISSPA Department of University of Bari and tutor of PhD students.

He is member of the scientific associations " Società Italiana per lo Studio delle Sostanze Grasse (SISSG)” and "Società Italiana di Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari" (SISTAL) of which he is currently a member of the Board of Directors (July 2015-June 2018) where he holds the role of Treasurer.

Pubblicato il: 20/11/2020