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Bari English Medical Curriculum

Our mission:
“To provide excellence in innovative education, compassionate care of patients and front biomedical research, in a mediterranean environment”


Italian Universities, with the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MIUR), offer undergraduate courses that are taught in English and open to applicants outside of Italy. The Universities of Bari, Milan, Pavia, Rome La Sapienza, Rome Tor Vergata and Seconda Università of Naples are offering a number of places for both home and overseas students to study medicine as part of this initiative.

The Bari English Medical Curriculum (BEMC) consists of the 6-yr curriculum for Medical Degree at the University of Bari, Italy. BEMC is offered to citizens of the EC and to students not residing in the EC.
BEMC has been approved by the School of Medicine in Bari and by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MIUR).

The course will be totally in english and is similar to the medical curriculum available at the University of Bari Medical School. Teaching will consists of Lessons, practical skills, seminars, distance learning, self-study, interactions with foreign teachers belonging to a network for excellence in medical education. Contacts are in progress with several other european and extraeuropean universities and the Erasmus/LLP network.

Applicants for the existing courses taught in Italian, currently take an Italian admissions test (developed by the Italian Commission), with the available places awarded to those scoring highest on the test.

MIUR has asked Cambridge Assessment’s Admissions Testing Service to develop and deliver the English language equivalent of this Italian admissions test. 

The university offers various courses for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Aside from teaching, the university is also focused on scientific research at the doctorate level. The University of Bari research centres are highly-interactive, having connections among different departments, universities, and other research centres.
Among the university's facilities include central and departmental libraries, theatres, lecture halls, job placement centres, a press office, counselling centres, and a university chapel. These facilities are open to students, faculty, and staff and can be used free of charge. Each year, the university holds different cultural and part-time activities that foster friendship among local and international students. The Erasmus/LLP programme is very active in the Medical field (code Bari01).

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The School of Medicine in Bari


The School of Medicine in Bari was established in 1924 together with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Law.

The first Hospital was based in the Old city at the Hospita San Peter’s and moved afterwards to the Ateneum building in the Murat quarter and, subsequentely, to the large Hospital Policlinico at Piazza Giulio Cesare 11, 70124 Bari, since the ‘50s. Since then, the Hospital has been largely renovated and hosts all Clinical Departments and Specialties, the Dean’s Office, the Aula Magna “G. De Benedictis”, the Emergency Asclepios block and students’ facilities, rooms, libraries, internet access, and Academic Departments. The current Dean is Prof. Paolo Livrea, MD (Neurologist).  The Erasmus/LLP Delegate is Prof. Piero Portincasa, MD (Internist).

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